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'Always remember you have an important story to share'.

About Jackie

Working life

For the last 15 years I have been working as a business coach and sales specialist. 

I primarily help business owners and their teams to create the positive momentum they need to grow, personally and in business. 

I work with both individuals and groups and have an online presence.

As one of the founders of Heart of business, a successful business development and collaboration network, I understand the challenges of growing a business.

I am the published author of 3 books, 85 Inspiring Ways to Market Your Business (2010) Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing (2015) and In Pursuit of Slow (2017) 

I am also the creator of Natural Stress Free Selling, an online training programme.

I have over 25 years’ experience across a range of different industries in both the SME and Corporate environments, I have worked with both top corporate brands and small start-up companies. In a past life I was an award - winning salesperson, built, trained and managed sales teams and worked internationally as a trainer and coach.

I am a professional member of the PSA (Professional Speaking Association) and the ISMM (Institute of Sales and Marketing Management) as well as a master practitioner in NLP.

Living Life

I am passionate about outdoor life, keeping fit and healthy. I enjoy walking (many wild hikes, UK and overseas) running (park run, half marathons) cycling (claim to fame is the Edinburgh to Oxford challenge) and going out alone for gentle rides on my old retired show jumper Magic. I believe in the daily spiritual practice of meditation and in maintaining a good life work balance.


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