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My Network

Over the years working with SME’s, I have developed a strong network of expert business growth and service providers. This personal network enables trusted referrals to providers of specialist practical help, identified whilst working with a client in a coaching capacity.

As one of the founders of Heart of business, a growing team of like-minded experts who work with growing businesses and entrepreneurs to support their ambitious growth plans, I have immediate access to our trusted member network.

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Strategic Marketing | Web Design | Digital Marketing | Telemarketing | CRM | Copy writing | Video and Film Making | Creative Design and Print | Market and Customer Research | Creative Design and Print


Sales strategy | Taking new products to market


FD | Funding | Accountancy | Book Keeping | Buying and Selling a Business | R and D Tax Credits | Business Planning | Financial Advice | Grants


Software Development | IT


HR | Employment Law | Training and Development


Commercial Law | Intellectual Property

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