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Management team coaching

'Success is learnt, practiced and shared'

Management Team Coaching

Having a business coach to facilitate your regular management meetings can be an ideal way of ensuring that you all grow together.

I have perfected a method and a style that keeps everyone on track and focused, whilst maintaining that all important team trust and communication.

This method has been designed to ensure that alignment is maintained between the Directors of the business and their management team.

Why it works

When a strong passion and purpose in what you do is linked with shared values you will have a driving force in your business.

When you have a clear vision, smart goals, and a workable strategy that everyone is behind, you will have a business that can move forward.

When you look after, and value the contribution people make you will have joy in your business.

How it works

1. Learn From and With Each Other

Your business coach is your facilitator who, through a structured process enables you all to have a voice, be heard and contribute. Everyone can and will learn from each other’s contribution.

2. Maintain Clarity and Focus

These monthly sessions make sure everyone keeps focused on the bigger picture and their team’s goals. Reporting back on goals, progress and KPI’s makes sure everyone stays focused.

3. Guiding Growth

Your coach keeps the meeting on track guiding discussions with challenging questions and honest feedback.

4. Positive Momentum

Each session starts with achievements and learning from the month and ends with an action plan. Articulation plus recognition creates this vital positive momentum.

5. Specific Strategies

In addition to the core structure, you may wish to use your sessions to focus on specific areas, this can be for example, the setting of goals, the planning of a project or initiative, the articulation and commitment to your purpose and values, retaining and looking after your clients or simply working together better.

6. Deal with Challenges Together

In any growing business you will always have challenges to deal with. The mastermind brain of your team guided by your coach can help you to resolve issues and make decisions together.

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How You Make It Work

Slow Down to Speed Up

For any business coaching process to be successful, you will need to be prepared to take some time out of your business to work on it. Coaching sessions need to be regular enough to keep the connection and create enough positive momentum to see a real return on your investment.

We usually recommend coaching sessions of 2 to 3 hours face to face once a month or at most over a 6-weekly period. Telephone or Skype coaching is also an option.

Identify Problems, Needs and Desires

At the onset, it is important to clarify with your coach, where you are now and where you want to be, what your biggest challenges are and what may be getting in your way.

Being honest about strengths and weaknesses and identifying potential opportunities and threats will give you a place to start from.

It is also important to be clear about outcomes, expectations, process and set measures of success.

Make a Commitment and Stick to the Process

Coaching works when you allow it to. Once you make a commitment to the process, and do what you say you are going to do in between sessions, you will see results. The shifts may be subtle or they may be huge, but what is certain is that you will learn and grow from the experience.

Get the Right Support

The relationship between you and your coach is important. Different coaches have different styles, specific areas of expertise and business experience. You need the right match for you and your business growth needs.

I also have access to a network of alternative growth coaches and expert consultants in Heart of business, which will enable us to choose the right support for you and your business.

Complimentary Clarity Consultation

We start the process with a complimentary clarity consultation either by phone or face to face.

This will give you an opportunity to find out how business coaching could work for you and for us to make recommendations based on your business growth needs.

Contact me and book your consultation.

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