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Effective Selling Without Being Pushy

Effective Selling Without Being Pushy

The ability to communicate with integrity and in line with your values are essential selling skills.

My 6-session Online Course is packed with useful Sales Tips, and inspiring ideas. It will teach you how to Sell Effectively without being Pushy.

Each session is 40 to 60 minutes long, and accompanied by a worksheet.

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    Master rapport & relationship building.

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    Effective listening to win business.

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    Video 4

    Powerful questioning techniques.

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    Video 6

    How to close sales effectively.

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How to get the most from this course

This course works best if you work through the 6-sessions step-by-step. You can purchase each session individually or buy the full course and receive a 50% discount.

Once you have paid in full, you will receive a special link to download your sessions and worksheets. It’s a simple as that. Click here to download and get started.

Effective Selling without Being Pushy

Here is what you will learn:

  1. The Consultative Sales Formula - Buy now £15.00
  2. Master Rapport and Relationship Building - Buy now £15.00
  3. Effective Listening to Win Business - Buy now £15.00
  4. Powerful Questioning Techniques - Buy now £15.00
  5. How to Deliver a Perfect Pitch - Buy now £15.00
  6. How to Close Sales Effectively - Buy now £15.00

Special Price

Save 50% by purchasing the full course of 6 sessions - Buy now £45.00

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