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Group Sales Coaching

'Opportunities are everywhere, if you have eyes that can see them'.

Group Sales Coaching

Professionals, Technical Experts or New Franchisees

Are your team members:

• Experts within their field, but lacking sales skills;
• Meeting potential clients but not converting; or,
• New franchisees who need to sell successfully.

Your Sales and Revenue targets are dependent upon your team’s ability to generate quality leads, and convert them into happy, paying customers.

If this is not happening, why not consider investing in their development, and improve their Selling Skills.

A System which Inspires Results

Using a 6-step Sales Process, I can teach your team how to have relaxed sales conversations that are comfortable for both parties, and which generate bottom line results.

Anybody Can Sell Well

Buyers require their needs to be fully understood by an expert they trust, before being helped to buy exactly what they need.

You do not need to be an extrovert to do this well.

Keep it Simple and Consultative

When people are unaware or unsure of how to sell, they tend to overload potential clients with information and jargon.

All this does is to prevent clients saying ‘YES’.

By developing a consultative sales approach, clients will feel reassured that you are talking their language, and have their best interests at heart.

A Proven Track Record

During the course of my career, I have worked with a wide range of businesses, from accountants, to engineers, to media companies.

All have benefited from my consultative selling approach to improve their sales conversions.

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A tailor-made Consultative Sales Training Programme for your Team

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