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Darke and Taylor

'Thank your customers for giving you the opportunity to work with them – they are your best teachers'.

Case Study - Darke & Taylor


Description of the Business

Darke & Taylor is an electrical engineering firm operating in the South of England with a turnover in excess of £10m and over 100 employees.

They originally requested business coaching 7 years ago to increase sales within their technical services department, but were so encouraged that they stayed on to overhaul all aspects of their business. They continue to work with Jackie Jarvis as their management team coach because it continues to work for them.


  • Winners of several industry and Oxford business awards
  • More profitable good quality work
  • Targeted area of business grew by £1m turnover in 1st year
  • • A real focus on delivering excellence throughout the organisation

The Journey

In Simon Newton’s own words:….

Darke and Taylor “When we started on our journey with Jackie, we soon began to realise that we really needed to develop a better understanding of how our clients, staff, and suppliers viewed the business, so that we could start to get the right messages across to our key stakeholders.

As an established business with a turnover in excess of £14m and over 100 employees, this process required a thorough examination of the culture and values of the business, as well as the systems and structures which we already had in place to manage our staff and deliver our services.

We also quickly realised, before we went rushing ahead, that we first needed to be really clear about who the best customers were for our business and what was the right sales process. Profitable, good quality work was more important than just lots of work.

We also recognized that as directors, we needed to manage and delegate effectively in order to release time to spend on developing the business. At one stage I was doing at least 5 people's jobs!”

“Perhaps, more than anything, the real benefit is that we commit to putting aside the time each month, away from the pressures of the day-to-day business, to discuss things that can really matter.

Having Jackie facilitate these discussions and follow up on the implementation of our agreed actions means that we can get the most from this precious time, making it both productive and efficient.

We love and need this accountability.

Using Jackie for regular management team coaching as it really helps keep us focused and positive as we grow.

Key Actions:

  • Annual SWOT, Vision and Breakthrough Goals agreed
  • Overhaul of organisational structure, including job roles and responsibilities
  • Performance review process set up plus training plans and benefits package
  • Improve efficiency of systems and processes (ISO9001)
  • Rebrand plus new marketing collateral
  • Development of marketing plans for each department
  • Review of client profitability
  • Identification of new target areas for business growth

Next Step

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