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FD4 – Paul Foster

'Thank your customers for giving you the opportunity to work with them – they are your best teachers'.

Case Study - FD4 – Paul Foster


Description of the Business

As a member of the FD4 Group, Paul is a part-time Finance Director for a number of different businesses. He has particular expertise in the Bio Sciences Industry.


  • Clarity, Focus, and Confidence
  • Joined the FD4 team
  • Joined Heart of Business
  • Building relationships and contacts within the Bio Sciences niche
  • Belief in ability to win clients

The Journey

Coming from a corporate background, Paul had never previously had to sell himself as an independent professional service provider. He found himself lacking clarity and confidence when it came to undertaking sales activities, and consequently had begun making excuses to put it off. Paul came to me for help, knowing he lacked the sales and communication skills needed to win clients.

I helped Paul to decide upon the niche in which he could confidently call himself an expert, and to understand exactly what solutions he could provide. After that, I helped him to work out exactly how to package his service to potential clients. We worked on his strengths - how he could use his ability to listen and to understand a client’s problems. This became the first important stage of any sales conversations, and slowly but surely, his confidence grew.

In their own words….

“By working with Jackie, I have been able to clarify my strengths and weaknesses, as well as defining my ideal clients and Alliance Partners.

Jackie's focused questioning, drew out and highlighted the key aspects of my business proposition. She also helped me to overcome the blocks that I realise now were imaginary.

I now know how to effectively market myself, and have a blueprint of how to approach clients, develop relationships, and nurture long-term sales.

Key Actions:

  • Defined Ideal Target Client and best niche
  • Researched market to understand needs
  • Structured and packaged FD offering
  • Designed Sales Ladder and Initial Client Diagnosis
  • Developed a comfortable Sales Conversation structure

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