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'Thank your customers for giving you the opportunity to work with them – they are your best teachers'.

Case Study - KyteMark Solutions


Description of the Business

KyteMark Solutions offers a unique, customer-insight approach to help companies uncover business opportunities and understand their key markets.

After a difficult year, KyteMark had begun to suffer from a lack of confidence in its offering to the SME market, and needed to restructure itself.


  • Trebled turnover since starting coaching with Jackie
  • Successfully took to market a number of new packaged products
  • Found my ideal business partner

The Journey

In David Milnes’ own words:….

“Before I started business mentoring, I recognised that KyteMark required a better understanding of the value of the commercial research services that we offered. I also needed to establish an entry-level product, which could open doors, and build confidence in our capabilities.

I had previously been successful in the Corporate Sector, where customers understood the value of customer research, but when I first started marketing this service in the SME market, I struggled to communicate the value and results it could achieve. Hence, I started to doubt myself, and this was affecting my ability to win my ideal customers.

Jackie helped me to draw out and re-package the very best of what we have to offer.

I now feel so re-energised and re-focused simply by clearly understanding what I do – and why. I now have a service that fits seamlessly into my clients’ needs. I’m really enjoying the security of a solid sales forecast and my newly found (but not overstated!) sense of pride at what I’ve achieved, both for myself, and my clients.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Jackie as I have recently joined one of her new Mini – Mastermind Groups. I really want to maintain this positive momentum.

Key Actions:

  • Analysed and re-positioned the KyteMark proposition
  • Brainstormed and created a suite of new products
  • Build confidence in the value of services offered, enabling price increases
  • Structuring an offering to suit both Corporate and SME clients
  • Creation of a lead-generation strategy and a sales process
  • Built up a small select team of marketing agency resellers

Next Step

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