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Nobull Communications

'Thank your customers for giving you the opportunity to work with them – they are your best teachers'.

Case Study - Nobull Communications


Description of the Business

Nobull Communications is PR, Events, and Social Media agency with a team of 12, based in Wooburn Green Buckinghamshire.

The Directors at Nobull needed re energising and inspiring again after weathering two economic storms. They continue with Management Team coaching because it works.


  • Continue to win and retain ideal clients year on year
  • The return and growth of our 'mojo' and passion
  • A fully engaged and motivated team

The Journey

In Anne-Marie Payne's own words….

“Having been in business for 12 years, and weathered two economic downturns, we were beginning to run out of steam - we needed re-inspiring and re-energising. We were aware that we had a great service and that many of our existing clients valued us highly, but we were not spending enough time winning new business, or getting across the real value of PR and social media.

We lacked a clear strategy and, with a new team on board, needed to make more effective use of our skill sets and strengths as a business.

We needed something, or someone, to come along and give us our 'mojo' back!”

“We were given clear tasks and targets to achieve.

Jackie enabled us to view our business afresh, to celebrate its success, and to open our hearts and minds to what we could achieve together. Our business is now in great shape for the future”

It helped us put the heart back into our business and gave us back our 'mojo'!”

We started reaping the practical benefits within a few hours of our 1st -Coaching session, and are still doing it 3 years on”

Key Actions:

  • Creating an inspiring vision and a set of breakthrough goals
  • Establishing core values and defining what 'Good' looks like
  • Creating a skill wheel and an appreciation of Nobull’s unique value
  • Focusing on best target clients and niche sectors
  • Creation of a lead-generation strategy and a sales process
  • Creating a quality lead generation process
  • • Inspiring the team to own their roles and responsibilities

Next Step

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