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Synergis Marketing

'Thank your customers for giving you the opportunity to work with them – they are your best teachers'.

Case Study - Synergis Marketing


Description of the Business

Synergis is based in Maidenhead - it develops and delivers innovative brands, marketing, and PR-solutions for businesses.

The company had been successful since it was set up 7 years ago, but lacked a proper sales strategy, and needed to clarify its business proposition to customers.


  • Increased turnover by 20%
  • Gained 3 new profitable clients
  • Introductions to appropriate referral partners

The Journey

In Russell Abbott's own words….

“Synergis had been trading for 7 years and, whilst successful, we felt we could do better. Jackie came highly recommended to us and at the initial meeting, we found her to be highly personable, perceptive, and genuinely interested in helping us achieve our goals. She is also very well connected.

Our key challenge was how to increase sales. For seven years we had been reliant on my network and ad-hoc referrals. What we needed was a ‘sales engine’ to drive new business for us, and we were unsure about how to achieve this. We also needed to achieve clarity on our proposition.”

“We now have a proper business development system in place, as well as a clear proposition. We have utilised a CRM system called 'Capsule' to enable us to keep track of prospects and are now undertaking structured new business activities including networking events, e–newsletters, LinkedIn updates, and blogs.”

Key Actions:

  • Took regular time out to treat ourselves like one of our own important clients
  • A clear vision and business strategy
  • Decided upon the best niche markets
  • Structured our value proposition and best positioning
  • Created a sales engine to drive new sales

Next Step

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