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Thames Valley Landscaping

'Thank your customers for giving you the opportunity to work with them – they are your best teachers'.

Case Study - Thames Valley Landscaping


Description of the Business

Thames Valley Landscaping - A Grounds Maintenance and Landscape Construction business based in Maidenhead, who undertake residential and commercial projects.


  • Fully-booked for the summer
  • Won 3 big landscape gardening contracts in a month
  • Won more commercial projects with Hotels and Nursing Homes
  • A more focused Sales Strategy, leading to a professional sales approach

The Journey

The directors, Mark and Paul, were both passionate about their business and had built up a good reputation in their local area. They were winning a lot of residential maintenance business, but this was proving time-consuming for the team and not profitable enough. They wanted to grow their business, but to do so needed to secure larger residential projects and more commercial contracts.

Mark and Paul recognised that they needed to improve their sales approach if they were to secure this more profitable projects and contracts.

In their own words….

“When we first met Jackie, we were doing well, but felt we could be doing much better. We knew we had a good business, but were not being as effective as we could be - we needed some structure and focus.

Although we were delivering a high-quality service and receiving good feedback, we didn’t seem able to get that message across to potential clients in a way which did our service justice.

We had also never had any sales training, so our approach was a rather haphazard!

Over a 5-month period, our monthly coaching sessions with Jackie helped us to clarify our thinking, define our ideal clients, and build a dedicated sales strategy to target these clients.

The real moment of clarity arrived when we realised the importance of our values, and how we sought to deliver those values in our service to our clients. This gave rise to various inspiring key messages, which we were able to use when talking or writing about our business.

As a result of Jackie’s sessions, we planned a comprehensive Sales and Marketing Strategy, which has enhanced our commercial business and increased our profitability.

We are now at a stage where we can consider expanding our team to take on the extra pipeline of work”

Key Actions:

  • Clarified Mission and Values
  • Defined profitable Target Customers
  • Improved sales messages and sales support materials
  • Planned an effective Sales Strategy
  • Outsourced appointment-making
  • Improved customer qualification
  • Learned and used the 6-step Sales System

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